Knoxville motorcyclists who intend to keep riding throughout the winter should make themselves aware of the dangers the weather and road conditions create. The slick and icy roads and cold temperatures are the perfect ingredients for accidents and injuries. Although it is much safer for motorcyclists to ride when it is warmer out, with the right safety precautions they can reduce their risk of accidents and injury.

Perform pre-trip inspections

Bikers should thoroughly inspect their bikes to ensure they are in good condition for the road. According to, riders should check their tires to make sure they have enough treads and are properly inflated. They should also check all turn and warning signals for proper function and make sure they have enough fuel.

Dress appropriately

The cold temperatures are often brutal. Bikers who fail to wear the right kind of clothing and motorcycle gear to keep warm while they are out riding only put themselves at extreme risk for hyperthermia, reduced reaction times and decreased alertness. Bikers should wear thermal undergarments, motorcycle jackets, gloves and additional winter accessories and biker gear that are designed specifically to keep them warm and dry, states

Be mindful of road conditions

The weather can change at a moment’s notice. Rain and snow can easily turn into ice and blizzard-like winds in a matter of minutes. These factors can drastically alter the condition of the roads, making them difficult for bikers to navigate safely. Motorcyclists should pay attention to the roads and avoid riding when there is inclement weather. If they cannot avoid the streets, they should drive slowly and cautiously.

Drive slower

As tempting as it may be for bikers to speed and race to their destinations, they should avoid doing so during the winter. Motorcyclists should leave early so they can ride slower and reach their destinations on time. They should travel further behind other vehicles so they have additional stopping space. They should pay attention to the road, all other vehicles and drive as defensively as possible.

The winter may not seem like an ideal time for motorcyclists to ride. However, with the right safety precautions bikers can enjoy the roads any time of year.