A motorcyclist traveling in the Knoxville area suffered injured that landed him in the hospital because of a recent accident. While the condition of the motorcyclist was not released, witnesses said that the motorcyclist involved in the accident got thrown from the bike. The motorcyclist flew over the other vehicle because of the impact of the accident. The motorcycle accident reportedly happened at a local intersection of a street and a major thoroughfare.

Inattentiveness is frequently a cause of intersection accidents

Although the cause of this accident has not been released, the fact it happened at an intersection means it can serve as an important reminder for drivers. Because motorcycles are so much smaller and operate differently than do other vehicles, drivers have a special obligation to pay a close lookout for motorcyclists and to take special precautions when they are near. This is especially true at intersections.

For one, if a driver is not paying attention or does not get a clear view before entering an intersection, chances are the driver may simply not see a motorcyclist approaching and pull out right in front of the bike, causing an accident.

Even if a driver waiting at an intersection does see an oncoming motorcyclist, another common mistake is for the driver to misjudge the speed of the motorcyclist and assume that he or she can safely cross in front of the motorcycle.

In reality, there may not be enough time to cross the intersection safely; it is generally best to let a motorcyclist clear an intersection before going forward, even if it seems like the bike is far enough away for the vehicle to cross safely.

Not surprisingly, given the weight difference between a motorcycle and a car, motorcycle accidents frequently end with the people on the bike suffering serious injuries.

If the driver of another vehicle is responsible for these injuries, he or she may be able to get compensation.