The sheer number of truck drivers on the roads is increasing every day. According to State Farm, these people log over 288 billion miles each year. Knoxville motorists who share the streets with truckers who spend long hours on the roads are at risk of collisions that can alter the course of their lives forever. To prevent this from happening, motorists should take preventative measures.

Understand the factors that increase accident risk

Drivers should understand that their cars are much smaller than most commercial vehicles. Trucks are much heavier and require more skill to navigate as well. They also have blind spots that make it difficult for operators to see on the sides of them, states ConsumerAffairs. Motorists should exercise concern when driving near trucks and avoid cutting them off and allow a greater stopping distance.

Monitor road conditions

Roads that are under construction and are affected by inclement weather conditions are often just as challenging for truckers to navigate as they are for regular motorists. Car drivers should pay attention to the roads and everything in their driving fields so they can avoid low visibility areas that make driving more difficult. Wet, snowy and icy weather conditions can also increase the likelihood of truck drivers encountering problems with steering their vehicles and trying to overcompensate with their driving maneuvers.

Aggressive driving

Many truckers are just as guilty of aggressive driving as regular motorists. Drivers should watch for commercial vehicles that weave in and out of traffic, speed, brake suddenly and tailgate so they can avoid them.

Remain predictable

Drivers of regular cars and motorcycles that make sudden and unpredictable driving maneuvers can cause truckers to make bad driving judgments that ultimately result in collisions. Motorists should practice safe driving behaviors and use their turn signals when necessary to inform truckers of their intent.

There are other actions motorists can take to keep themselves safe from truckers on the roads. By driving defensively and with respect to the sheer nature and size of these vehicles, regular drivers can avoid collisions with truckers.