Are You And Your Family Prepared For The Future?

Our death or the death of a loved one is never something that we want to think about, let alone plan for. However, it is when unexpected circumstances resulting in the death of a loved one arise that we find ourselves facing difficult legal consequences, concerns or conflict. It is important to have an estate or disability plan in place in the event of your passing so that those left behind do not deal with circumstances that could have been avoided easily.

Skilled Guidance With Your Future Planning

At Pryor Priest & Harber, we understand the requirements of the law in Tennessee and the practicality needed to advise our clients in drafting a last will and testament, powers of attorney, disability planning, health care powers of attorney and living will necessary to protect them and their loved ones in the event of disability or death.

Certain requirements of the court can be alleviated in a will. Inventory, bond, accountings and other expensive incidents of probating a will can be waived altogether. Certain assets can be titled to avoid the need for probate of a will at the time of passing. The goal of a well-drafted will is to make things cheaper and easier for a deceased’s spouse, children or other family or friends with an interest in the estate.

Supportive Guidance Through The Probate And Administration Process

However, as important as planning for the future is, we are also equipped to assist our clients in probating a loved one’s will at passing so that what is left behind can be maximized for the deceased’s family. We can also assist you to defend frivolous or advantageous claims filed by creditors and to protect valuable assets for generations to come.

Probate can be a long and difficult process, but it is made so much easier with an attorney protecting your rights and concluding such a difficult period of your life in the most efficient way.

Plan for tomorrow by taking care of business today.

Speak To An Attorney Regarding Your Future Plans

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