According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 4,900 motorcyclists lost their lives in fatal accidents during 2018. In fact, recent statistics show that motorcyclists are roughly 28 times more likely to lose their lives in collisions when compared to those riding in a passenger car. 

In order to prevent deadly accidents and crashes that cause debilitating injuries, road users should understand the risks and focus on avoiding motorcycle collisions. The NHTSA has outlined a number of guidelines that help all road users stay safe and decrease the likelihood of motorcycle accidents. 

Motorcyclists and awareness on the road

Motorcyclists need to watch out for the risks they face. Strategies such as weaving and downshifting help those riding a motorcycle avoid a collision. 

Moreover, those driving larger vehicles (such as cars and trucks) need to remember that riders are often less noticeable because of the smaller size of their motorcycles. When road conditions are poor due to bad weather or visibility is an issue as a result of fog or the night, the chances of a motorcycle crash are especially high, and all road users need to exercise caution. 

Other strategies to prevent motorcycle accidents

Many motorcycle crashes are the result of drug and alcohol use, fatigue and distractions such as phones. Also, motorcyclists need to make sure that they wear a helmet that meets government standards. 

Motorcycle crashes will continue, and when they are the result of a negligent driver, the driver must answer for their actions. Some motorcycle crash victims benefit from taking their case to court.