Cars are much larger than motorcycles, but they are just as deadly. According to Consumer Reports, in 2015, more than 5,000 bikers died in motorcycle accidents. Many motorists in Knoxville do not pay much attention to bikers on the roads. They tend to pay more attention to other things like their mobile devices and other cars. This inattentiveness is among the many things that lead to car and motorcycle accidents, injuries and death. Many these accidents are preventable. 

Avoid blind left turns 

Motorists should pay special attention when they make left turns. They should check all their mirrors and blind spots to ensure there are no motorcyclists behind them. Many accidents occur when drivers make left hand turns without checking to see what vehicles are in front of and behind them. 

Recognizing other vehicles 

Drivers should realize that there are other types of vehicles on the roads with them. Motorcyclists are not always easy to see, but they are there. Motorists who fail to recognize the types of vehicles they are in traffic with so they can adjust their driving behaviors and actions accordingly often end up in accidents with them. 

Check before changing lanes 

“Motorcycles are so small that they can fit into the blind spots of other drivers,” states This often creates problems when motorists suddenly change lanes. Sometimes they are not able to see bikers who are in the lanes, occupying the spots they want. Motorcyclists are not always able to take safe and evasive actions to avoid collisions. Drivers should also turn their heads so they can check for the presence of bikers before they switch lanes. 

Bikers and drivers can share the roads together safely. They should work together and stay mindful and respectful of the presence and actions of other motorists