Motorists should make themselves aware of the dangers they face and create when they are on the roads with truckers in Knoxville. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, in 2015, approximately 3,852 people were killed in truck collisions.

Not giving trucks enough stopping space

Many car drivers speed and cut truckers off not realizing the risks of their actions. Trucks need more stopping room than other types of vehicles. Truckers cannot simply slam on the brakes to come to complete stops to avoid accidents. Doing so can cause them to rollover. The weight of their trucks and cargos often causes their vehicles to keep moving forward for several feet after braking. Motorists should follow and pass in front of trucks at safer distances, so truckers have sufficient stopping time to prevent accidents.

Blind spots

Many trucks and big rigs have blind spots. These blind spots make it virtually impossible for truckers to see other motorists even when their side view and rearview mirrors are properly adjusted. Drivers should stay aware of their vehicles position and the blind spots of trucks. Drivers should practice caution when driving near trucks and passing them. Motorists should avoid passing and driving along the sides of trucks if they are in their blind spots, states the Federal Motor Carrier Safely Administration. Drivers should also keep in mind that the bigger the truck, the bigger its blind spots are.

Truck accidents often happen. But some of those incidents are not due to trucker error. Some accidents are the result of carelessness from other drivers.