For many motorists, car accidents are a common sight on the roads in Knoxville. According to, in 2013 alone, there were more than 5,687,000 motor vehicle wrecks. Car accident injuries vary in severity. Some people can walk away from the scenes of their accidents with minor injuries; others are not as fortunate. Some motorists who initially survive their ordeals end up dying from their injuries later on. The probability of a person dying from a car accident is 1 in 6,529, states the With the number of car accidents increasing each day, more thought should be given to the kinds of injuries that can occur.

Neck injuries

The jarring motion of car accidents can result in forceful movements of the head and neck resulting in damaged, strained and torn muscles and ligaments. People who suffer neck injuries often end up with whiplash and may also have damage to their vocal cords.

Head injuries

When cars collide with each other, the sheer force of impact is enough to force the heads of victims against windows, doors, steering wheels and the windshields of their vehicles. The force and speed of collisions often cause their brains to smash against their skulls, causing bruising, internal hemorrhaging and traumatic brain injuries. Some brain injuries may last for a short amount of time, such as concussions; others may result in permanent brain damage.

Psychological injuries

Car accidents are often scary situations. The lingering emotional effects of car accidents can cause victims to withdraw from others, avoid the outside, become depressed and angry and to abuse their medications and other substances. Many people who suffer psychologically from car accidents often benefit from counseling and professional help.

The consequences of car accidents can often linger on indefinitely. They can also lead to pain and suffering for the families of victims who did not survive. Motorists can minimize the impact of car accidents by driving safely to avoid them.