Warm weather means many riders in Knoxville are pulling their motorcycles out of storage. With more people out on the roads, the risk of accidents and serious injury for many bikers is high. In their haste to get on the roads, many bikers forgo their safety. According to Consumers Report, there were 10 percent more fatal motorcycle accidents in 2015 than there were in 2014. Lax helmet laws, alcohol and distractions are just a few of the contributing factors.

Bikers who want to enjoy the freedom and excitement of the ride should take some time to prepare themselves for the road.

Wear helmets

Bikers are not legally required to wear helmets while they are on the road, but doing so can help save their lives. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Data Loss Institute states that helmets are 67 percent effective in protecting bikers from sustaining traumatic brain injuries and 37 percent effective in preventing their deaths. Those who do not are gambling with their lives.

Wear leather protection

The weather may be warmer, but the roads are still dangerous to bikers. Riders are also at risk of sustaining skin abrasions and cuts and bruises. Bikers can avoid these types of injuries by wearing leather riding gear. The clothing provides a layer of protection for their skin that acts as a buffer when they fall and are dragged along the road in motorcycle accidents.

Respect other motorists

Some riders tend to move ride between other vehicles and make sudden driving maneuvers that put them at risk of colliding with other motorists. Sometimes passenger car drivers and truckers cannot see them and are unable to move their vehicles to safety to avoid them. Bikers can minimize the risk of motor vehicle accidents with other motorists by following all road rules and traffic signals and giving other motorists sufficient notice of their intent.

Most motorcycle accidents do not have to happen. Taking refresher courses, wearing safety gear and respecting other motorists are the first steps riders can take to avoid accidents and minimize their risk of injuries so they can live to ride again.