The temperatures are heating up, and many motorists on the roads in Knoxville are newly licensed drivers. Teenagers face the highest risk of injury and death on the roads. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that drivers who are 20 years old and older are three times less likely to die in car crashes than teenage motorists, for every mile driven.

Knowing the factors that put them at risk for accidents can enable young drivers to avoid them.

Lack of experience

Many young drivers do not have much experience behind the wheel, especially if they have recently received their driver’s licenses. The time they spent in driving school and driving under the supervision of their parents is often not sufficient enough to expose them to the different kinds of situations they may encounter on the roads. Their limited driving experience leaves them with little to no knowledge on how to handle them, increasing the chances of them making critical errors.

Not wearing seatbelts

Many teenage drivers do not wear their seatbelts. According to, 52 percent of teenage motorists who died in 2013 did not wear seatbelts. Some young adults do not wear them because they feel they are uncool, uncomfortable and do not help to prevent injuries and fatalities. Teenage drivers who avoid wearing their seatbelts may ignore other safety precautions that can help keep them safe on the roads.


Teen drivers are more likely to drive while distracted than any other age group. They do not seem to understand the importance of giving the road their full attention. Many witness their parents driving while distracted and assume that it safe for them to do so too. Distractions come in many forms and are not limited to texting, surfing the web, posting on social media, talking to passengers, eating and drinking and horseplay.

Young adult motorists may lack experience, but there are ways they can reduce the number of car accidents they are in. Getting more practicing behind the wheel, learning what is safe and appropriate driving behavior and paying more attention to the roads are a few strategies that can make the roads safer for them and all other drivers.