Each year, thousands of Knoxville motorists crash their vehicles. Whether these car accidents are the result of distractions, intoxication or something else altogether, they are all preventable. Many people are aware of the dangers that are involved when alcohol and distractions are factors. But, this knowledge does not prevent them from engaging in these behaviors.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 660,000 drivers use their cellphones while on the roads during the daytime. Distracted drivers exhibit many of the same characteristics as drunk motorists.They have slower reaction times and inadequate knowledge about what is happening around them. Drivers who text and use their mobile devices take their eyes off the roads and have a significantly higher chance of crashing their vehicles. Drunk motorists also share many of the same risks, but some them do try to compensate for their impairments.

The dangers increase drastically when distracted motorists are drunk. Distractions make it harder for intoxicated drivers to safely operate their vehicles, states Science Daily. Motorists who consume alcohol and drive with distractions do not necessarily need to be drunk to have a higher risk of accidents. Drivers who drink and text endanger everyone on the roads not just themselves.

In many cases, distracted driving is worse than drunk driving. There are not as many laws, regulations and prevention measures in place to prevent motorists from using their cellphones on the roads. Currently, suspected drunk drivers face jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension and other harsh penalties. Distracted motorists do not have as many consequences to worry about until they crash their cars.