Many motorcyclists think they own the roads in Knoxville. They are eager to speed on the roads and toss all caution to the wind, expecting other drivers to avoid them. However, bikers should keep in mind that safety is a two-way street. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 8.6 million motorcyclists on the roads in 2015. 88,000 of them sustained injuries, and 4,976 of them died from crashing their bikes.

Motorcyclists must learn to share the roads with other drivers to keep them safe.

As the weather continues to heat up, more drivers and motorcyclists will be on the roads. Passenger vehicle and truck drivers should increase their following distances. Many bikers make sudden driving maneuvers that can make it harder for others to anticipate their positions. Motorcyclists should remain mindful of the other drivers on the roads. They should always use their turn signals, slow down instead of speeding and avoid cutting off other motorists.

Motorcyclists should take corners and intersections carefully. Many bikers turn into intersections and corners too fast. Some of them do not pay attention to what is in front of them and end up crashing or swerving and falling to avoid collisions. These factors can cause drivers behind them to crash into them.

Blind spots are a leading cause of motorcycle crashes, states EHS Today. Many bikers ride in the blind spots of vehicles not realizing that the drivers cannot see them. Motorists should check their blind spots and mirrors frequently so they can see any vehicle that is directly behind and on the side of them, in addition to using their turn signals.

With respect for all drivers and riders and good driving behavior, both motorcyclists and motorists can reduce the number of motorcycle and car accidents that occur.