Motorcycles offer a great way to get outside, enjoy the weather and experience the open road. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often at greater risk than other motorists on the road, and even the best precautions are not always enough to guard against broken bones or even death. If a collision with another vehicle occurs in a motorcycle accident, police investigations can help determine if negligence or other factors were involved.

A Rutherford County accident has left a motorcyclist dead. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the 27-year-old rider of the motorcycle struck the rear of a vehicle, sending the motorcycle a distance of around 200 feet from the impact. The motorcycle was also reported to be burned at the conclusion of the accident.

It only takes a moment for a serious or fatal accident to happen, and despite efforts in many states to increase motorcycle awareness, many drivers still do not see or recognize motorcyclists on the road. Often a driver will suddenly turn out or pull into a lane in front of an unsuspecting motorcycle operator. Any sudden adjustments that motorcyclists must make to attempt to avoid a crash could spell disaster.

Motorcycle crashes can result in steep medical bills, as well as funeral expenses and other costs to friends or family of deceased riders. In some cases, Tennessee residents are entitled to compensation to help them with these expenses, including wrongful death settlements. Understanding the different situations surrounding each unique circumstance can help riders and their families stay protected, even after a crash.

Source: WZTV-TV, “Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident,” Feb. 25, 2014