Each year in Tennessee, drivers and passengers of motor vehicles are involved in serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Anytime a death results from a collision, there is a possibility for a wrongful death suit. These suits attempt to assign blame for a person’s death in order to distribute financial compensation to the family of the victim. There are several factors that can be involved in a collision, including drugs and alcohol, negligence, or faulty mechanisms in a vehicle. These collisions can become even more deadly when they involve large vehicles like buses or tractor-trailers.

A Robertson County accident involving two vehicles has resulted in the deaths of two people. The Tennessee Highway Patrol reported that the driver and passenger of a Chevy Impala suffered fatal injuries after the driver veered into oncoming traffic and collided with a semi-truck hauling concrete. The passenger in the Impala was not wearing his seat belt and died at the accident site. In addition, the driver of the truck suffered injuries and was rushed to NorthCrest Medical Center to receive medical attention.

The collision occurred along Highway 49 in Springfield during the early morning hours. Investigators report the presence of drugs and alcohol at the scene, though it is not known whether these played a role in the accident.

A death in an automobile accident can be devastating for all parties involved. In addition to the emotional pain and suffering associated with the loss, there are also expenses to worry about, such as funeral costs and lost wages. Understanding the cause of an accident along with specific Tennessee laws can help people involved determine an appropriate course of action.

Source: The Tennessean, “Update: Two dead in Wednesday morning’s Springfield crash,” Eric B. Miller, Feb. 19, 2014