The winter weather has made the already busy highways of Tennessee almost treacherous for travelers. Driving in inclement weather can be difficult, and it only takes hitting one small patch of black ice for an accident to happen. The severity of recent conditions, however, means that the number of car accidents has spiked dramatically.

The cold and icy weather, which has affected roads across central Tennessee, created such hazardous conditions that a single morning saw 276 reports of vehicle crashes in the vicinity of Nashville. Fortunately, none of the accidents appears to have been fatal, although 35 resulted in reported injuries.

The icy conditions caused problems on all area interstates, with sections of many roads being closed. Such was the case on southbound Interstate 65. Back roads were also considered to be unsafe to travel through. Drivers in some areas, such as Davidson County, were urged by police to stay at home to avoid further accidents. However, many of the drivers were caught in the unfavorable conditions during their morning commute.

Given the sheer number of accidents in Tennessee on just one winter morning, it is extremely fortunate that no critical injuries or deaths were reported. Nevertheless, any injuries sustained in a car crash can be debilitating and costly. They can lead to time taken off work, hefty medical bills and even lifetime disabilities. Insurance claims do not always go as smoothly as one might hope. For this reason, it is important to ensure that any incident involving yourself or a loved one is investigated fully. This will allow you to offer a clear picture of the circumstances if you make a compensation claim, providing you the best chance of reaching a fair resolution.

Source: The Tennessean, “Traffic updates: Threat of icy roads remains overnight, Tuesday morning,” March 03, 2014