People who drive cars are not the only ones who are guilty of drunk driving. Many motorcyclists in Knoxville socially drink and ride, not caring that they are putting themselves and everyone else on the roads with them at risk for accidents. According to, in 2012, “27 percent of all motorcycle accident victims who died were drunk.”

Bikers are no different than motorists when it comes to succumbing to the effects of alcohol intoxication. Alcohol inhibits the senses, affects motor skills and makes it harder for bikers to control their actions and vehicles. Motorcyclists use more of their bodies to control their vehicles. When they drink and ride, they lose the ability to steer their bikes safely. For example, an intoxicated biker is not capable of handling turns and lane maneuvers without putting themselves at risk of falling off their bikes and colliding with other motorists.

Biker accidents often result in more severe injuries because there are fewer protections in place. Intoxicated riders usually forget to wear their riding gear. Helmets are not required by law. However, bikers who wear them are more likely to survive and sustain minor head trauma compared to bikers who do not wear them and sustain severe injuries. Also, older riders end up with more serious injuries than younger bikers, states the Insurance Information Institute. Drunk bikers who ride without their safety gear usually suffer from road rash, scrapes, bruises, broken bones and brain and spinal cord injuries.

Drunk driving is a serious offense. Bikers should learn about the dangers they face and refrain from drinking and riding so they can take proper actions to avoid them.