As common as car accidents are in Knoxville, not many people are aware of the different types. In 2013, more than two million people were injured and 32,000 victims lost their lives in car accidents across the nation, states U.S. News & World Report. No matter the accident type, the risk of severe injury and death is always present. Some accidents result in victims sustaining certain kinds of wounds more than others.

Animal collisions

It is not uncommon for motorists to encounter animals on the roads. Many drivers are surprised when they do and may swerve and make sudden stops to avoid them. These actions are not effective ways for motorists to avoid collisions with animals or other drivers. Drivers should remain attentive to the roads and their surroundings and drive slowly in places where animals sightings occur.

Lane drifting accidents

Drivers who stray from their lanes into other lanes that may or may not be traveling in the opposite direction cause head-on collisions that often result in serious injuries and death. Drivers may also hit guardrails, trees, stationary objects on the side of the road and pedestrians. These incidents are very common at intersections and on small rural roads and highways.

Rear end accidents

According to Allstate, 29 percent of all motor vehicle accidents involve rear-ending. This type of accident often occurs when drivers, speed and tailgate each other and when they incorrectly judge other motorists intent after being distracted.

Many car accident situations are preventable. Maintaining proper speeds, staying attentive to the roads and avoiding distractions can keep motorists from crashing into vehicles, pedestrians, animals and other objects.