The start of spring is right around the corner, and many bikers are gearing up to hit the roads in Knoxville. With warmer weather comes an increase in motorists and motor vehicle accidents. Victims of motorcycle accidents tend to suffer more severe injuries than victims of other types of road accidents. Motorcyclists who plan to make the most of the warmer weather should learn about issues that can affect their safety so they can avoid them.

Left-hand turns

Many left-hand collisions happen when drivers of other vehicles make left turns that result in head-on collisions with bikers. In many cases, the drivers of passenger cars that cause these accidents do not see the motorcyclists until it is too late to avoid crashing into them, states Left-hand biker accidents usually occur at intersections where there is two-way traffic, but they can also happen in other types of traffic situations.

Dangerous maneuvers

Many bikers get so caught up in the thrill and excitement of riding that they forget to use safe riding maneuvers. They miscalculate turns and angles and misjudge their timing which can result in them being thrown off their bikes. They speed and split lanes, increasing the chances of them riding into and being hit by other motorists. According to, speeding also increases the likelihood of them not seeing objects and other drivers and losing control of their bikes.

The factors mentioned above are not all inclusive. There are other issues that threaten biker safety that all motorists should make themselves aware of. Many motorcycle-related accidents are preventable with the right knowledge, preparation and precautions.