Many people in Knoxville are under the impression that motorcyclists do not get drink and ride. Drunk driving is an epidemic that does not discriminate against motorist type. Bikers, vehicle operators and even truckers are common offenders. According to,“ legally intoxicated motorcyclists are the largest group of motorists who are most likely to die in alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.” The percentage of bikers who were drunk at the time of their demise was 27 percent in 2012.

Factors that affect blood alcohol content (BAC)

There are factors that can affect the way that bikers respond to the effects of alcohol, such as size, age, health, sex and food. Those factors along with the amount of alcohol consumed and the rate of alcohol consumption can determine BAC levels. Bikers who ride with a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher are more likely to exhibit signs of intoxication and receive DUIs. In some cases, bikers can receive driving under the influence charges with a considerably lower blood alcohol content. 42 percent of intoxicated bikers had BACs that were 0.08 percent of higher in 2015, states the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute.

Reduced motor and maneuverability skills

Bikers may use a different mode of transportation on the roads, but their actions when they are impaired are very similar to those of other motorists. Motorcyclists have to maintain their balance when riding their bikes to avoid falling off of them. Intoxicated bikers are not very coordinated. When riding their bikes, they may make frequent stops to keep from falling over or off their bikes, thus impeding their ability to ride safely.

Braking is an action that requires bikers to use both of their feet. Since their motors skills are diminished, they are unable to modulate their brakes so they can stop their bikes safely. They cannot maneuver their vehicles to avoid collisions with other vehicles and objects.

Drunk bikers are every bit as dangerous as intoxicated automobile operators. People should learn how to spot drunk bikers so they can avoid them to limit their chances of being involved in drunk driving accidents.