When you think of a catastrophic injury, you probably think of head injuries or spinal injuries. Interesting, even something as common as a broken bone can be catastrophic.

How? Consider a severe break. A bone might be shattered, breaking in several places. In some cases, these breaks require surgery. In worst-case scenarios, there’s little that can be done to restore the bone, so patients have to have metal rods and other medical devices inserted to help them heal.

This is a long and painful process. Surgery can often get the bones back in the right position, even if an implant is necessary to help. The individual may struggle during and after healing, though. There is a potential for complications, and the bone-healing process could take many months.

Another risk is that the bone could become infected, or the site around the bone could become infected. With any surgery, there is a risk of exposing the area to bacteria, which could lead to infections that require medical treatment through medications or potentially additional surgeries.

After a crash, no one wants to go through the pain and suffering of broken bones and the surgeries that could come with them. The reality is that some may never truly heal correctly. If you’re a victim struggling with broken bones, remember that you have rights. You should hold the driver who caused your crash responsible so that you can focus on healing and not on the financial losses that your medical care could cause. Your condition is serious, and you deserve only the best care.