After a serious accident, you suffered catastrophic injuries. You suspect you sustained an eye injury, but do not know for sure.

All About Vision explores common eye injuries. If anything below sounds like symptoms you experienced, use the information to build your legal case.

Caustic substance in the eye

Depending on the accident, harmful chemicals may splash in the eye. Alkali chemicals and substances may not cause immediate redness or pain in the affected eye, but they may lead to serious harm. If you experience immediate burning and redness after acid splashes in your eye, wash your eyes as quickly as possible.

Scratched eye

If something pokes you in the eye, or if you rubbed a foreign object against your eye, you may suffer a corneal abrasion. Symptoms of a scratched eye include light sensitivity and eye redness. Let an eye doctor examine you if a foreign object got into your eye during the accident. Get treatment sooner rather than later, as an untreated scratch could become infected. In the meantime, try not to scratch your eye.

Swollen eyes

Do you remember an object striking your eye during the accident? Such trauma may cause eye swelling or a black eye. Use an ice pack to treat inflammation, and let an eye doctor check out the injury for internal damage.

Eye bleeding

If the accident broke blood vessels in your eye, you could experience bleeding eyes. This eye injury looks worse than it is, and it may only indicate a minor injury.

You deserve a full inventory of catastrophic injuries you suffered at the hands of another. Understand how to treat eye injuries, so you know how much to seek in compensation.