A case involving a fatal collision has been sent to the grand jury in Knoxville. According to the news, the son of a Knoxville fire captain was killed when a Chevrolet pickup truck crossed into the southbound lanes of Chapman Highway.

This resulted in a chain reaction that caused the captain’s son to run head-on into the Chevrolet. Next to him in the second lane was the witness, who also stuck the victim’s vehicle. He said he could not avoid it when the first two vehicles collided.

The prosecution in this case is arguing that the accident would have been avoided if the defendant had put on the brakes and made sure to stay in his lane or to swerve over to the right instead of into oncoming traffic. There had been no vehicles in the right lane, so the defendant could have moved over safely.

The defendant’s attorneys would like the case to be handled in civil court, but presently, it is heading to the grand jury where criminal charges may result in a conviction. The state’s position is that negligence that results in a fatality could constitute a criminally negligent homicide, which is why the case should be handled in criminal court.

Cases like this are tragic for all people involved. One person lost their life, and another could go to prison or even be deported since he’s in the United States illegally. If you’re in a crash like this or lose a loved one, you can pursue your own civil lawsuit while waiting for the results of a criminal trial.