No two motor vehicle accidents are the same and motorcycle accidents do not always have the same treatment as a standard vehicular accident. Motorcycle accidents are in their own category of wreck. The reason for this is due to the extensive medical costs that motorcycle accidents lead to happening. Motorcycle accidents are more devastating than car accidents. A bike accident is more likely to lead to heavy medical costs, severe injuries and other costs.

The differences between car and motorcycle accidents have documentation behind it. According to Reuters, severe injuries are 10 times more likely to occur when you are on a motorcycle, rather than in a car. When you are on a bike, you remain vulnerable to other cars. You do not have the same protections that a person in a car may have. Instead, you remain exposed to the elements and in the unfortunate event that you go through a wreck; you have more of a chance of serious injury with no metal to protect you.

In the first two years following a collision, the motorcycle crash will cost you approximately twice as much as a car accident costs. Unfortunately, over the last couple of decades, injuries and death attributed to motorcycle accidents did not drop. Instead, it either remains the same or begins to increase. Motorcycle accidents are set apart because the costs double and the injuries are around three times worse than those injuries sustained in a car.

All of the information provides is to inform you of the differences between motorcycle and car accidents. Do not interpret anything as legal advice.