Pedestrian deaths are on the rise and the Tennessee community is suffering the reality of it. According to a new report, pedestrian fatalities are at a 28-year high, mostly due to large vehicles and smartphones. When a driver kills a pedestrian, everyone involved in the accident plus all relatives, friends and colleagues suffer.

This is evident for those who knew a 30-year old pregnant mother and her toddler, according to Knox News. The mother and her 2-year old child were killed in a senseless pedestrian accident. Authorities allege that the 33-year old driver went on a vehicular rampage with the intent to hit pedestrians. Investigators believe that it was an intentional act but that the victims were chosen at random. Before the driver killed the mother and her child, he collided a 61-year old man who went to the hospital for his injuries.

After the man fatally struck the woman and toddler, he crashed into a fish hatchery. This resulted in an employee suffering minor injuries, the destruction of four fish systems and the creation of a hole in the building. Before the collision with the building, the driver wreaked havoc on the streets, colliding with a stop sign, cinderblock wall and stanchion.

The driver is currently facing one count of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree murder. According to a release by the Jefferson City Police Department, charges for the first-degree murder of the unborn child may also be brought.

Those who mourn the loss of loved ones in pedestrian accidents like this deserve help. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer can help survivors understand their legal options for compensation.