Many people in Tennessee might be quick to trivialize a whiplash injury but that is something that should not be done. Understanding whiplash is important as it can be associated with chronic pain and complications for some people.

According to WebMD, not all cases of whiplash result in pain or other symptoms immediately. It is therefore important for people who have been in motor vehicle accidents to pay special attention to their neck area for a while after a crash in case they experience a delayed onset of whiplash.

The Mayo clinic indicates that for people who do experience a fast onset of pain associated with whiplash, they may have a higher chance of chronic problems associated with the injury. Auto accidents in which a person is hit from behind are commonly associated with many instances of whiplash. Pain that extends from the neck through the arm may also be an indicator of longer-term problems.

It is important for people to know the difference between whiplash and next sprains. The former involves the muscles and tendons that attach muscles to the bones whereas sprains involve the ligaments that connect bones together. Short-term whiplash may last for a period of months but if pain and neck or muscle stiffness continues, people may need treatment for an extended period of time regardless of how minor the original accident seemed at the time. A reduced range of motion and pain when moving the head from one side to the other are just some of the symptoms people might experience.