Tennessee’s rolling valleys and gorgeous countrysides attract thousands of motorcyclists each year. Now that spring is here, the state’s roads will likely see a spike in its number of two-wheeled vehicles. While the alluring aspects of riding in the open wind are hard to ignore, there are a number of risks riders can avoid to keep the journey a safe one.

There may be worlds of differences between new and experienced riders, but sometimes even the experts can get rusty with the basics. Consumer Reports shares a piece on motorcycle safety, first noting that the type of bike one buys could make all the difference. Choosing a bike that fits one’s size and level of experience is the first step in avoiding accidents. CR also urges readers to invest in antilock breaks, arguing that such equipment can save lives. Other safety pointers include wearing a helmet, wearing appropriate gear and avoiding rides in dangerous weather.

Most riders would like to assume that the worst simply could not happen; unfortunately, accidents tend to occur when one least expects them. Motorcyclist magazine provides some additional safety tips for riding motorcycles:

  • Trust mirrors
  • Remain visible at all times
  • Stay aware of riding surfaces
  • Always ride in open zones 

When it comes to mirror usage, Motorcyclist warns riders that there is a happy medium in regard to trusting one’s mirrors. There are some hidden dangers in placing too much trust in mirrors, as they can sometimes skew the whole picture. Even though drivers of four-wheeled vehicles must pay special attention to cyclists, not everyone maintains a keen awareness. Because the road can become an open world of drivers of all varieties, it is important for motorcyclists to maintain awareness and visibility at all times.