When any person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they take upon themselves the responsibility to keep other motorists safe. Unfortunately, there are some drivers who are so negligent that they cause auto accidents resulting in injury and death.

In Tennessee, there were 1,217 car crash fatalities in 2020. While all may not have resulted from negligence, most accidents are the result of motorists who are not paying attention or driving recklessly. Being aware of common acts of driver negligence may help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

Texting while driving

In today’s world, most people have smartphones. Unfortunately, many people use their phones while operating their vehicles. Doing so is dangerous. Many car accidents occur because drivers are checking messages or responding to texts rather than watching for other cars or pedestrians.

Excessive speed

Driving well above the speed limit puts other people on the road at risk. Excessive speed reduces the amount of time a driver has to slow down, and it can make accidents much more serious.

Failing to yield

All motorists must exhibit reasonable care. This includes yielding when appropriate, like at a red light or when a pedestrian is crossing the road. Some drivers feel that it is their right to go first no matter what, which can have consequences for others on the road.

Driver negligence has become very common, making it essential that you drive carefully and defensively to avoid being the victim of a car accident.