Tennessee residents have seen the increase in public awareness about the risks associated with drinking and driving increase over the past several decades thanks to the efforts of many groups including those like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students Against Drunk Driving. At the same time, laws outlining the penalties associated with impaired driving have become stronger. Sadly, even with these advances and changes, many people continue to ignore the fact that operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol is negligent and unsafe.

These reckless choices end up leaving innocent people injured or, even worse, mourning the loss of their family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. People close to one woman who was only 28 years old are today among those mourners. The woman was killed by a driver who is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of a crash. The man who allegedly caused the accident was driving into oncoming traffic after reportedly losing control of his sport utility vehicle.

The SUV then struck the car driven by the woman. A passenger inside her vehicle survived the crash but was injured. No details of the injury have been released. Also unknown is the blood alcohol content of the suspected drunk driver. 

When a family has to learn to live without their relative because of the selfish choices of someone else, talking with a lawyer in Tennessee might give them insight into how they may seek assistance.

Source: Knox News, “Blount co. woman killed in head-on wreck in Louisville, Tenn.,” March 25, 2018