One thing that motorcyclists should do before hitting the roads in Knoxville this season is to learn about two main causes of accidents. The number of motorcycle crashes that occur is increasing. According to the Insurance Information Institute, riders have a 29 percent higher chance of dying in collisions. They are also more likely to suffer serious injuries than other types of vehicle operators. 

When accidents happen, it is easy for uninvolved people to point the blame on rider behavior. However, some accident causing factors are beyond their control. Here is a brief overview of two major causes of motorcycle accidents. 

Motorists do not see them 

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars. It is hard for motorists to see bikers when they are in between their vehicles, in their blind spots and riding in their lanes. Drivers also have a tough time seeing motorcyclists when they are in areas where they least expect to see them. All motorists must watch the roads for the presence of other vehicles. When they do not, the risk of accidents and fatality increases substantially for bikers. 

Left turns 

Many motorcycle accidents happen at left turn intersections. Vehicle operators may not see motorcyclists coming through intersections or passing up other cars at the same time they are making left turns. This often results in head-on collisions which are often fatal when there are high speeds. Motorcycle riders do not have any structures to shield them from oncoming vehicles and the road during impact. 

Motorcyclists and motorists can do many things to make the roads safer for everyone. They should learn to share the roads. They should also pay full attention to operating their vehicles safely and to their surroundings so they can avoid hazardous conditions, make fewer errors and stay clear of reckless and unsafe motorists.