Many people in Knoxville who have never been involved in car accidents before believe that the most important thing they should worry about is property damage. However, car accidents can be very serious and often end with someone becoming injured. It is not uncommon for some individuals to suffer serious injuries in car accidents where there is minimal impact. It is also very common for some people not to show signs of their injuries immediately after them. 

As brief as motor vehicle collisions are, many people end up with long-term pain and suffering. Their injuries are often so severe that there is little chance of them making full recoveries. Anyone who has never been in a car accident before should take some time to learn about two types of injuries they are at risk of sustaining. 

Broken bones and fractures 

Broken bones and fractures make it hard for victims to return to normal after their accidents. They take a long time to heal. Some victims who suffer broken bones or fractures may need to undergo physical therapy for weeks or months after their bones mend. Individuals with multiple broken bones and fractures may need surgery before they can make a complete recovery, states 

Spinal and brain trauma 

Some people end up with spinal cord damage and brain injuries after being flung back and forth in their vehicles during collisions. They may also suffer open wounds and penetration injuries when objects impale their heads and skulls. Brain injuries are also common when their heads are slammed against the sides and windshield of their vehicles and ground after becoming airborne. 

It is recommended for anyone who finds themselves in a motor vehicle collision to seek out immediate medical treatment. They may have injuries that they do not show any outward symptoms of. They should also get medical care in the weeks after their accidents to rule out the presence of delayed wounds.