Road rage is an everyday occurrence on the roads in Knoxville. As prevalent as road raging passenger car drivers are, more awareness should be given to road raging truckers. People who drive semi-trucks, big rigs and other types of commercial vehicles are just as likely to drive aggressively as other motorists. When accidents occur, the consequences are more serious for everyone who is on the roads with them.

According to Sewell Motor Express, 66 percent of trucking accidents occur during the daytime; 78 percent of commercial vehicle collisions happen on the weekends. These accidents are not caused by driver error, vehicle failure and driver fatigue alone. Many of them involve road raging drivers. Truckers are human and just like every other motorist, they are trying to reach their destinations.

Common reasons for rage

“Men are more inclined to drive aggressively than women drivers,” states Big City Driver. Truckers are under a great deal of stress to complete their jobs and may act out by exhibiting bad driving behaviors. They may throw things around inside their vehicle cabins or out the windows when other motorists pull in front of them or resort to screaming and yelling obscenities at others. They may even engage in tailgating and turning closely to other vehicles to intimidate other drivers.

Avoiding road raging truckers

Drivers can avoid road raging commercial vehicle drivers by monitoring their actions. They should look for truck operators who are speeding, driving aggressively and making sudden stops and dangerous turns. They should also avoid getting into confrontations with these professionals and tailgating their vehicles.

Road rage truck accidents are preventable. Drivers should never underestimate the intentions of another driver, nor should they ignore their actions.