Motorcyclists in Knoxville experience road rage just like other motorists on the roads. However, due to the nature and structure of their vehicles, the consequences for this type of situation are often life changing.

According to Pacific Standard, many aggressive motorists feel there are no direct consequences for their actions. They can intimidate riders and drivers without fear of repercussions. However, people who are victims of road rage often become provoked. They are likely to retaliate and antagonize the offenders. This leads to a vicious cycle that often ends with injuries and in some cases death. Bikers who encounter angry drivers should take actions to minimize the amount of interaction they have with them.

Avoid confrontation

Many aggressive drivers want confrontation. Bikers should avoid it at all costs. Confrontation can only lead to escalation and harm. Road raging drivers may yell, scream and use gestures to indicate their displeasure. Motorcyclists should do their best to ignore them. They should also not respond to them.

Leave the Scene

Some aggressive drivers look for the perfect opportunity to attack. They may get out of their vehicles during a traffic stop or a car accident to confront the other party and attack them. Bikers should pay attention to the actions of road raging motorists at all times. The moment situations look like they could turn into confrontations or attacks, bikers should do their best to the leave the scene when possible, states Chaparral Motorsports.

Motorcyclists should take every action possible to keep themselves from becoming victims of road rage accidents. Ignoring the situation and using good driving behaviors can help to prevent confrontations and injuries.