A good deal of disagreement may exist over exactly how far the responsibility that a driver in Knoxville has to the passengers in their vehicle. Many might argue that when an adult agrees to travel as a passenger in another’s vehicle, they accept any risks that may result from their decisions. Others may say, however, that it remains the responsibility of the driver of the car to ensure that every precaution is taken in order to see to a passenger’s safety. That can include everything from avoiding diving at excessive speeds to ensuring that passengers wear their seat belts. 

Even some as simple as people ignoring the latter can produce devastating results. This fact was on full display in an accident that recently occurred on Highway 10. Two people (one from Hartsville, the other from Lebanon) were killed after the vehicle they were traveling in was struck by a semi-truck. Authorities say that neither was wearing a seat belt when the collision took place. While an investigation into the accident is still ongoing, a preliminary report states that the driver of the vehicle the women were traveling in pulled out on to the highway in front of the truck. They also sustained serious injuries; the driver of the semi escaped injury. 

Given that the accident victims in this case were adults, it might be argued that they were responsible to ensure their seat belts were fastened. The driver, however, may come under scrutiny for choosing to pull out in front of an oncoming vehicle. Victims in cases such as this one may not initially wish to seek a liability claim, yet ultimately the costs of accident leave them with little choice. Those needing to do so may want to first consult with an experienced attorney.