Commercial truck accidents are on the rise in Knoxville. These are many reasons why these types of accidents take place. According to CNBC, in 2012, there were 10,659,380 trucks on the roads. The amount of commercial vehicles that were equipped with safety technology was almost 10 percent. The number of injuries that were sustained from truck accidents was more than 284.

Trucker fatigue

Many truckers driver for many hours without rest. They are tired and fatigued which makes them less alert. Sleep deprivation has caused many truckers to make driving errors that result in collisions with other motorists resulting in injuries, deaths and significant property loss.


Truckers who speed create unsafe driving conditions for other drivers, especially if there are poor weather conditions. Many truckers are under pressure to make deliveries by a certain time. The risk of collisions and fatalities are double for truckers who drive over 45 mph, states Science Daily.

Other motorists

Some people who drive passenger cars fail to give commercial vehicle operators enough driving space. They become aggressive when they see these vehicles and attempt to outmaneuver them by speeding to jump in front of them, not allowing them to get over and by trailing too closely behind them. What they fail to realize is that trucks have blind spots. They also require more stopping time because of their large sizes and cargo loads. Truckers cannot make sudden stops. When they do, the motion can cause their vehicles to jackknife, turn and move in unwanted and unexpected directions and even tip and roll over. This affects the safety of every motorist that is in close vicinity to those vehicles.

There are many factors that can affect a trucker’s ability to safely drive their vehicle. Motorists should be respectful of these drivers, know their limitations and plan their driving actions accordingly to avoid accidents with them.