Being involved in a serious accident is a scary and life-altering situation. In some cases, a victim of an accident will suffer such severe injuries that he or she will require long-term medical care to address the ongoing medical issues he or she has endured. With regards to a traumatic brain injury, victims in Tennessee and elsewhere could experience serious issues when it comes to their cognitive functions. Thus, this catastrophic injury could impact a victim not only in the short-term but also long-term as well.

Loss of cognitive function

A traumatic brain injury could cause major disruptions for a victim. This is not only impacts how a person physically feels but also how he or she lives their lives. Having cognitive disruptions could impact the victim in the short-term and even in the long-term.

A recent study explored why individuals of a TBI suffer a temporary severe loss of cognitive function. What was found was that the injury to the brain can cause a chain reaction in the brain. As a result, it could stop the activity across a vast network of neural circuits. The reason for this is that the healthy or unaffected brain cells can sense that there has been an injury. This results in the radical change of function.

Recovery of cognitive function following a TBI

While the loss of cognitive functions following a TBI can be a scary and overwhelming situation to deal with, it may not be permanent or remain as severe long-term. According to the study, it was determined that this chain reaction allows for the nervous system to pause after a TBI. This allows for the cells to assess whether they are healthy or not, activating steps to destroy them, help them recover or deem them healthy.

The aftermath of a serious accident could significantly impact the life of the victim. A serious injury will require much medical treatment; however, it could also impact one’s ability to lead a normal life and their quality of life. Thus, it is important that victims and their loved ones explore their rights and options when it comes to addressing the injuries and harms suffered as a result of an accident. Oftentimes, a personal injury action is filed as a means to recover compensation for these losses. This action also helps hold a negligent party accountable for these losses and the accident that caused them.