As cities and towns across Tennessee grow and the number of drivers traveling to and from them grow alongside them, so, too, does a need for road construction to accommodate the rising number of motorists. You may find Tennessee’s many work zones to be a nuisance, wasting your time and keeping you from where you need to be. However, these areas also see high numbers of car crashes.

According to WREG, Tennessee saw 502 crashes in its work zones between the first of January and the end of September in 2019. Of those 502 crashes, seven fatalities resulted.

Tennessee work zone crash statistics

Between November of 2014 and November of 2019, Tennessee’s work zones were the sites of 14,082 car wrecks, resulting in 5,464 injuries and 83 road deaths. In 2018 alone, 656 crashes occurred in the state’s work zones, leading to 183 injuries and 13 fatalities.

Tennessee work zone crash hazards

Why is it that Tennessee’s work zones see so many car wrecks? The dangers linked to construction zones are twofold. First, you face hazards that stem from the ongoing road work. Unclear or unfamiliar traffic patterns may lead to confusion. Other hazards, such as misplaced traffic cones or machinery obstructing your view, may also heighten crash risks.

Motorists who drive negligently through work zones, whether by speeding, driving drunk or driving while distracted, also have a hand in many Tennessee work zone crashes. Drivers who follow too closely behind other drivers in work zones also enhance crash risks, with a high number of work zone car wrecks involving drivers hitting others from behind.

No one has the ability to control the actions of others. However, by driving defensively, slowing down and remaining vigilant, you should be able to reduce your chances of a work zone wreck.