Nothing comes close to the freedom of a motorcycle ride on the open highway. Unfortunately, Tennessee bikers are at much higher risk of injuries and fatalities as a result of inattentive motorists compared to operators of other vehicles. A car or truck driver may walk away unscathed from a crash that results in the wrongful death of a motorcycle rider.

One such tragedy occurred at the end of September 2016. WREG reports that a truck driver collided with a motorcycle late one evening, killing the motorcycle operator and injuring his female companion severely. The driver responsible for the accident compounded this terrible situation by failing to remain at the scene of the crash and attempting to hide the truck rather than acting responsibly to provide aid for the victims.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, fatal motorcycle crashes have been on the rise in the United States since the early 2000s. Out of all 2015 vehicle crashes, 13 percent were motorcycle crashes that resulted in fatalities. Among these motorcycle crashes, 59 percent involved multiple vehicles. An overwhelming majority of riders in these fatal motorcycle crashes were male, and 30 percent were under the age of 30.

IIHS notes that motorcyclists do not enjoy the structural protections that shield other vehicle operators during traffic accidents, and injuries and wrongful deaths are much more likely to occur in crashes that involve motorcycles. Although motorcyclists should ride responsibly, it is also crucial that all vehicle operators watch out for them by checking their mirrors and blind spots.