Motorists in Tennessee should be on guard against uninsured and underinsured drivers. These people are not only carelessly disregarding the law, they are also putting every other motorist who is on the road with them at risk for harm and financial setbacks. According to Insurance Information Institute, only 49 of the 50 states require drivers to have auto insurance. Some of the drivers who are on the road only carry the bare minimum that is allowed, others do not have a policy at all.

When car accidents happen that involve uninsured and underinsured drivers, it is hard for victims to recover financially from the damage and injuries they may have incurred. The cost of injuries and damages are usually catastrophic. Having the state minimum in auto insurance is not enough to cover the financial aftermath of most car accidents, states Many insured drivers who find themselves dealing with this type of situation must pay for these expenses themselves or sue the at-fault driver, which is no guarantee of payment. Any expenses that they incur that are not covered by their own policies they have to pay for themselves.

There are ways drivers can protect themselves from uninsured and underinsured drivers. Many insurers offer uninsured and underinsured coverage that can be added into existing policies. This type of coverage makes it possible for innocent drivers to receive some type of compensation if the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured. It only applies if the victim’s insurer does not cover any injuries or damages that occurred from the situation.

Auto insurance may be so expensive to some people that they opt to drive without enough or any coverage at all. However, dealing with the consequences of car accidents is much more expensive and can present financial challenges for many years to come. Drivers can protect themselves from having to deal with this type of situation by checking their policies and adding underinsured and uninsured coverage.