Tennessee drivers may want to take note as it appears that cars might soon be leaving us behind. The advancing technology in motor vehicles and futuristic artificial intelligence may be coming together sooner than expected as Toyota explains their projects in the making. Something called the Intelligent Transport System is testing and cultivating a new kind of intelligent car at the hands of car and safety researchers. This project is an effort to maximize the safety features a car can offer on its own, even ones that had been previously thought to be exclusively a human trait.

The technology is being tested at a secure location in Japan, reportedly similar to something like a new driver’s course. The intent is to work on cars that will be able to notify the driver when objects or people are in the way or when another car or red light is coming up. Arrows, sensors, and even a woman’s voice are all employed in these new car systems to help the driver stay safe.

With the dangers of the road and unexpected car accidents, this new technology could help drivers in situations when they might not be able to react a certain way. Representatives from Toyota explained that many times drivers do not push down on their brakes hard enough due to feelings of panic or alarm. Such responses can’t always be anticipated by the driver, but with certain safety features the car, for all intents and purposes, could anticipate it and push down harder before a collision.

This science has not been made available yet by Toyota, however, they have been reported to be hopeful about coming out with this perceptive automobile accoutrement sometime in the near future. For Tennessee residents out on the road, making sure that you’re secure in your driving can help you to focus on other ways to be safe. In the event of an accident, however, working with a personal injury attorney could help you to know what options are available to you as you move forward.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Toyota tests cars that communicate with each other,” Nov. 12, 2012