Motorcyclists have a different set of worries when they go out. It is often the case that bikes aren’t seen or aren’t supportive enough to help their drivers in the event of a crash. The common bumper sticker “Start Seeing Motorcyclists” has hopefully helped prevent some crashes in Tennessee and everywhere else, but there are still tragic incidents that leave motorcyclists a little more vulnerable than drivers of cars.

A recent news report explains the death of one motorcycle driver after having allegedly not been seen by a truck driver. This past Saturday the two vehicles crashed in an area near the west part of Nashville. The driver of the truck, a Dodge Ram, is said to have explained to local authorities that he did not see the bike until the last moment up to the crash. The report includes a detail that there is a sign prohibiting drivers from turning left at that intersection; a move which this truck had been making at the time of the crash.

The tragedy of this kind of crash is likely going to affect this motorist’s family for some time. While they struggle to cope with this loss, they must also now face unexpected financial stress. The investigation is reported to be ongoing and there haven’t been any charges brought against the driver of the truck, however the victim’s family could look into pursuing a wrongful death claim should they wish to. The results of the pending investigation may or may not supply additional support in their case, depending on what the police find.

Regardless of how this case turns out, the story of it could help other drivers out on Tennessee roads keep their eyes open for other motorcycles. Motorcyclists do face some hazards and dangers that drivers of other vehicles may not, and practicing safe driving in any and all types of motor vehicles can help prevent more unnecessary crashes. For other Tennessee drivers who have suffered a crash or the loss of a loved one in a crash, working with an attorney could help you to understand your options as you begin to heal from the event.

Source:, “Pegram man killed in motorcycle crash,” The Ashland City Times, Nov. 11, 2012