Underage drinking is a growing concern for many parents in Knoxville. According to MADD.org, underage drinking increases during the summer by 61 percent. With teenagers being the most dangerous group of drivers on the roads, they should learn about the impact that alcohol and car accidents can have on their lives. 

Here is a brief overview of teenage drunk driving accidents. 

The problem 

Many adolescents do not value their driving privileges. They take risks and do things that significantly increases the chances of them crashing into other vehicles, sustaining life-threatening injuries and dying. They drive with distractions, do not show other motorists proper road courtesies and engage in other reckless driving behaviors that endanger the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. When alcohol is a factor, the fatality rate for teen car accidents is 60 percent, states Drive-Safely.net. 

How alcohol affects teen drivers 

Many teens are not aware that their bodies do not process alcohol like adults. Their bodies and brains are still developing. Repeated exposure to alcohol can lead to irreversible brain damage, memory problems and other complications that can dramatically change the course of their lives. The effects of alcohol on their driving behaviors include slower response times and diminished judgment skills. Also, teen drivers do not have sufficient driving experience to handle certain situations they may encounter. These are all major contributing factors that impact teen motorist safety. 

Teens should not drink alcohol, nor should they drive after consuming it. Parents and adolescents can prevent alcohol-related teen car accidents. Teens should learn about the dangers and take them seriously. Parents should provide more supervision, guidance and consequences when their young adults disregard the law and engage in dangerous driving behaviors.