Many car accidents in Knoxville occur due to driver error. Although many of the vehicles that are on the roads are equipped with safety features and technology to make them safer to operate, car crashes are still a leading cause of death for all age groups. According to a study posted on, “driver mistakes contributed to approximately 75 percent of car accidents that occurred over a three-year period.” 

Here is a brief overview on some common driving mistakes that cause car crashes. 

Some motorists, such as teens and seniors are more prone to making critical mistakes while operating their vehicles than others. Young adult drivers do not have much driving experience to rely on. Although they have completed driver’s training, it takes years for them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to handle different road situations and hazards. Seniors may not be fully aware of their surroundings so they can operate their vehicles safely. 

Many driving errors occur out of habit and ignorance, states Common mistakes drivers make that often result in property damage, injuries and death include: 

  •        Riding the brakes
  •        Not using turn signals
  •        Improper use of vehicle lights
  •        Not paying attention to traffic signs 

There are other factors that contribute to people making mistakes while driving, such as alcohol, distractions, recklessness and fatigue. Motorists should take measures to ensure they are ready to drive their vehicles safely. Preparing themselves and their cars before each trip, avoiding distractions and substances that lead to impairment and using defensive driving behaviors can reduce the likelihood of them crashing into others.