Summer is the time of year where many people take to the roads to travel in Knoxville. It is also the time of year where the number of teen drivers on the roads is at its highest. Many people do not realize that the “rate of fatal teen car accidents increases by 15 percent during the summer,” states Teen motorists are already a high-risk group of drivers. 

It is a common belief that their lack of practical driving experience is the primary reason they end up in car accidents. However, according to a study posted in AAA Newsroom, “a leading cause of adolescent motor vehicle crashes is distraction.”

  • Young adult motorists have a higher likelihood of using their cellphones and smart mobile devices in the minutes leading up to their crashes.
  • Teens drivers who have passengers are more likely to talk, play and focus on them instead of keeping their full attention on the roads.
  • Many young vehicle operators reach for items and use the functions on their vehicles infotainment systems instead of keeping their eyes on the roads and their hands on the steering wheels. 

Many adolescent motorists do not realize or care about the dangers they face when they are on the roads. Other leading causes that contribute to teen car crashes include speeding, not wearing seatbelts and reckless driving behaviors. 

There are ways to decrease the risk of teenage car accidents. Parents should stop letting their teens drive without adult supervision. Teens should become more aware of the dangers they face and how their actions can affect them and others. Teens should also avoid distractions so they can make better driving decisions to avoid car accidents.