A booming economy means there is no shortage of trucks and commercial vehicles on the roads in Knoxville. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are more than 12 million commercial trucks on the roads across the country. Many commercial vehicle operators drive for several hours at a time before stopping for breaks. Some of them speed and engage in careless driving behaviors to meet deadlines. These factors and more are the cause of truck accidents, fatalities and injuries. 

Motorists should utilize the following suggestions so they can share the road with truckers and commercial vehicle operators safely. 

Follow at a safe distance 

Semi-trucks, big rigs and commercial vehicles are harder to maneuver than passenger cars. They require more stopping time and space. Motorists who follow these vehicles too closely do not have enough time and space to avoid collisions when truckers make sudden stops and reductions in speed. 

Stay aware of no pass zones 

Trucks and commercial vehicles have blind spots where the operators cannot see anything, even when their mirrors are in the right positions. These areas are located on the sides and in the rear of their vehicles. If “motorists cannot see truck drivers in their side view mirrors, then they should assume that the operators cannot see them,” states the AARP. You should stay as far from away as possible from the no pass zones/blind spots of trucks.

Do not drive distracted 

Distractions are a leading cause of accidents for all vehicle groups. Motorists should pay careful attention to the roads and the drivers around them. They should limit their distractions so they can properly respond to the actions of other motorists, including truckers and commercial vehicle operators. 

Truck accidents are happening more often on the roads. But motorists who drive defensively and give special consideration to commercial truck operators can reduce their chances of being involved in truck and motor vehicle crashes.