When people drink and drive in Knoxville, they do not do it with the intent to harm or kill others with their vehicles. But that is precisely what happens in some drunk driving motor vehicle accidents. Many drunk drivers participate in this type of reckless behavior because they are misinformed about the dangers. 

The impact of drunk driving 

Alcohol is a substance that is known to impair a person’s mental and physical processes. Individuals who consume alcohol may enjoy the buzzed and intoxicated feelings they get, especially while they are behind the wheel. However, the innocent motorists, passengers and pedestrians who are seriously injured and lose their lives to these individuals and their families are the ones who suffer the most. 

Drunk driving does not just happen. Motorists who drink and drive choose to put themselves and everyone else on the roads in danger. When they engage in distractions they become even more negligent and dangerous to others. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014, almost 31 percent of all motor vehicle deaths were caused by intoxicated drivers. 

Ways motorists can protect themselves 

Drunk driving accidents are preventable. Motorists should learn to identify the signs of intoxication in other drivers so they can stay away from and report them. Indicators that highlight a driver may be drunk include driving on the wrong side of the road, swerving in their lane, driving too slow, tailgating and erratic braking, states QuitAlcohol.com. 

People should not rely solely on law enforcement to keep them safe from drunk drivers. They can protect themselves by driving defensively, not drinking and driving and identifying and notifying the authorities when they see inebriated drivers on the roads.