As a motorist who frequents the roads in Knoxville, you should pay close attention to the drivers around you. Some of them are aggressive motorists who do not care or understand how much their driving behaviors can impact others. Yelling, tailgating, cutting off and rude and inappropriate gestures are common behaviors that angry and reckless drivers exhibit. According to, aggressive driving is a factor in 56 percent of fatal motor vehicle accidents. It is also a leading cause of car accident injuries. 

With more motorists on the streets these days, the chances of you encountering angry drivers are higher. Here are some ways you can avoid aggressive motorists. 

Stay calm 

It is not uncommon for you to feel as if your patience is being tested during your commute. You should give yourself extra travel time and plan to be on the roads a little longer than usual. When other drivers do things that are inconsiderate, illegal or offensive towards you, stay calm and courteous. 

Avoid eye contact 

Angry drivers often look for people they think are easy targets. They are not necessarily thinking about how their actions can affect themselves or anyone else. Some of them may be looking for opportunities to take their feelings out on others. You should avoid making eye contact with these individuals to keep these situations from escalating beyond your control. If you must respond to them, do so carefully and without aggression. 

Drive to safety 

Some angry and upset motorists may try to follow you so they can confront you the moment you stop and get out of your vehicle. If you suspect you are being followed by an aggressive or reckless motorist, drive to the nearest police station, fire department, hospital or public area. 

Aggressive driving is becoming more common. But you can protect yourself by staying in your own space, not provoking the offending drivers and contacting law enforcement when necessary.