Many people in Knoxville are aware that seniors are at risk of fall accidents. There may be a link between older people who fall and car accidents. According to a study posted by the AAA Newsroom, seniors who are at risk of crashing their vehicles “can be identified by their fall histories.” 

Older people are exceptionally vulnerable to injuries. Their health, medications and other age-related factors can affect their ability to identify hazardous conditions that could cause them to slip and fall. They may also have limited which can make it more challenging for them to avoid hazards and increase the likelihood of them sustaining serious injuries. Their age and health can also limit their ability to recover from their injuries. 

The correlation between car and fall accidents 

Many of the same factors that result in fall accidents can lead to car accidents. More than 400,000 motor vehicle wrecks are caused by motorists who are 60 years old and older, states the New York Daily News. Common factors that increase the risk of senior car accidents are coordination issues, medication side effects, vision changes, new driving rules and car technology. 

Some older individuals may be more likely to crash their vehicles if they are a fall risk or have a history of falling. But they are not the most dangerous group of drivers on the roads. Seniors can lower the chances of them becoming motor vehicle wreck victims by taking driving classes to stay informed on the latest traffic rules and car technology. They should also assess their health and take measures to improve it to avoid fall accidents.