Many Knoxville parents are aware that one of the most exciting moments in their teens’ lives is when they get their driver’s license. In all their excitement about the achievement, some parents forget that their adolescent children are still inexperienced. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teenagers are more likely to lose their lives in car accidents than any other type of incident. 

Their driver’s education does not stop once they become licensed. Many of them lack experience and may not understand the different scenarios they are bound to encounter. Many teenage drivers usually resort to using the driving behaviors their parents’ exhibit when they are in their vehicles. Parents play an important role in their teenagers’ driving performance, states Anyone who wants to help their teens to become more responsible and safer motorists should consider the following tips. 

Encourage them 

Some teenagers feel pressured when they are behind the wheel. Their lack of confidence can cause them to make errors and miss hazards that could result in crashes and injuries. Parents should encourage and motivate them to use safe and proper driving actions. 

Have them take additional instruction 

Traditional driver’s education courses do not provide teens with enough experience to handle every potential situation they may encounter. Parents should enroll their teens in continuing driving instruction courses so they can gain more experience and fine-tune their skills. 

Talk to them 

Parents should have regular discussions with their teens about their driving behaviors. They should also educate teenage motorists about the dangers they should always be on guard against and remind them about the local driving laws and rules regarding passengers and their driver’s license level. 

Many teenage car accidents are preventable. Parents should become the example they want their teens to follow. They should use and encourage their young drivers to use proper driving behaviors to increase their safety when they are behind the wheel.