The days are getting shorter, colder and the leaves are starting to change color. Although summer is coming to an end, there are still plenty of riding days left for motorcyclists in Knoxville. With the changing seasons comes new hazards and road conditions that bikers should be aware of. 

According to Consumer Reports, in 2015, the number of motorcycle fatalities on the roads across the country was more than 5,000. These accidents were caused by many factors, such as alcohol, reckless behavior, inexperience, driving errors, other motorists and seasonal road conditions. There is no perfect time of year for bikers to ride. However, any motorcyclists who plan to enjoy the fall scenery while they cruise the roads should heed the following safety suggestions. 

Increase visibility 

Now that the days are not as long as they were during the summer, some bikers may find themselves riding when it is dark out. Although their vehicles are equipped with lights, they may not be enough to make them visible enough for other motorists to see them and for them to see in areas where there is reduced visibility. Bikers should wear high-visibility clothing and safety gear. They should also inspect their vehicles regularly to ensure that all headlights, turn signals and brake lights work. 

Avoid piles of leaves 

Many bikers do not realize how much of a hazard falling leaves can be. Once they accumulate on the roads, they hide potholes, uneven surfaces and other hazardous conditions, states When the weather is wet, and there is moisture on the roads, leaves can become slippery and create slick traveling conditions that can cause bikers to fall off and crash their vehicles. Motorcyclists should avoid riding through piles of leaves whenever possible. 

The fall season is a beautiful time of year to ride. Bikers should remind themselves of the above seasonal hazards so they can take measures to stay safe and avoid accidents.