The increased amount of motorcyclists on the road during the summertime leads to the increase of motorcycle injuries. Unfortunately, failure to observe safety and share the road properly increases the likelihood of motorcycle accidents. Tennessee is no exception as far as the correlation between lack of safety and increased amount of accidents are concerned.

Many motorists claim that they do not see motorcycles; however, a number of motorists rely only on their mirrors and may fail to turn around to look in order to cover their blind spots. A motorcyclist’s best defense can be everyone else’s worst annoyance such as the sound of the engine revving, alerting other motorists’ attention of their presence.

However, not all motorcycle crashes are caused by people driving cars who claim they cannot see them. Many bike accidents are caused by speeding, driving while intoxicated, and carelessness on the road. Many motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic and, in a similar manner to automobiles, may not follow traffic laws closely. Therefore, in order to create a better environment for motorcycles and cars, all operators of such vehicles must make every effort to share the road with respect to everyone’s safety.

Motorcyclists often sustain more serious injuries than those who drive cars because they are less protected. With many more people on the road today, including motorcycles, there is greater risk for accidents involving critical wounds or even death. Tennessee residents who have been injured in motorcycle accidents might benefit by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. Those with serious injuries may be eligible to receive compensation, particularly if they are losing income. Likewise, those who lost loved ones because of motorcycle accidents might be able to collect damages as well.

Source: The Salem News, “Our view: As summer heats up, watch out for motorcycles”, July 26, 2013